Three nature-inspired guest rooms and a common room/dining area.
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Guests can enjoy leisure time in the "Center Room." In winter the wood stove beckons, while in summer there is a lovely cross breeze and plenty of windows to enjoy your connection to nature. The adjacent dining area includes a small refrigerator and microwave. Guests are welcome to bring their own meals and snacks.

Sitting on the front patio provides views of the prairie and bluff hill, while the back patio overlooks the owner's gardens, pine woods and hillside.  Walking paths are easily accessible from each guestroom door.

Amenities include EO natural shower gel, shampoo and conditioner/shave cream, Mirasol lotion and Journey Inn-made aromatherapy room spray.  Rooms also include: Couch, hair dryers, flash lights, candles, local art.

Arrival: Wisconsin cheese plate is served upon arrival between 4-6 p.m.

Breakfast buffet available 7-9 a.m.

Optional Brunch at 11:00 a.m. for an additional $15 per person per meal.


first floor, in back

Flowing, soft colors bring the element of Water to life. Emotions are soothed as you rest in this peace-filled room. Tensions melt away with a soak in the claw foot tub. Take time to indulge in your own healing. As you reconnect with your inner self, you will leave Journey Inn feeling rested and refreshed.

•  private bath includes a claw foot-soaking tub with a hand held shower (use of the Earth Room shower upon request).
•  natural latex bed is soft, yet supportive, set on a wood slat platform
•  private patio and sofa sleeper couch.


second floor, in back

The tranquility of the Air room at Journey Inn will help you leave your cares and worries behind. This creamy white room provides a relief from distractions. As you clear your mind, you will open the way for new possibilities. This room will encourage your dreams and imagination. Inspiration will sing from the treetops.

• private bath includes an overhead rain shower, as well as a hand-held shower.
• natural latex bed is firm on a wood slat platform. 
• private patio table & chairs are on your deck.
• futon couch and a writing desk.


second floor, in front

The element of Fire activates your energy. The rich, ocher clay plastered walls glow with passion. Stay in the Fire room at Journey Inn to do what you love to do. As the Fire element enhances your creative urges, let your spirit shine. Enjoy the light on the hills as you set out on your own personal journey.

• private bath with adjustable shower and a hand-made tile mural.
• bed is firm, with an inner-spring mattress and box-spring wrapped in wool & organic cotton. 
• private deck includes table & chairs.
• sofa sleeper couch.