Relationship Reflection

Our primary relationship is a complex, living, breathing thing.  Early life taught us what it means to be a man, woman, husband, wife, or committed partner.  When we grow to adulthood and form a loving bond, our early childhood conditioning largely dictates how we will react to one another, especially in times of stress - after the honeymoon phase of our relationship is over.  We tend to make unconscious choices to either be like or unlike our early caregivers in how we conduct these adult relationships.  Becoming aware of this conditioning can enable new, conscious choices, which improves our chances of more loving, intimate relationships. 

The intention of this Relationship Reflection blog will be to discuss twelve or so relationship principles that I have gathered through my therapy work with individuals and couples over 40 years of practice, as well as lessons learned in my personal relationships.

I invite you to join in with responses to my blog, including any useful tools or principles you've discovered in your intimate relationships.



Coming soon, a monthly blog on relationships by John Huffaker, couples therapist and life coach.  What helps, what hurts and how to maintain.  One of our most important life experiences for which a useful road map is often sorely lacking. Stay tuned!