Energy Therapy
Focusing on the flow of energy in the body, this therapy promotes deep relaxation and renewed energy. A hands-on session, it uses oils and includes long flowing strokes and acupressure along meridian pathways. It can include energy holds, breathing techniques, visualization and more.
60 minutes - $98

Couples Energy-Connecting Class (click here for details)

4Element Energy Therapy     
A more intensive and extensive Energy Therapy session, this therapy works with the energies of the four natural elements - earth, water, fire and air - for balancing body, emotions, spirit and mind.  Information is gathered from the body and an intuitive reading is used to customize a self-care plan for you to continue at home.
90 minutes - $145, includes aromatherapy

Relaxation Massage
Relax and let go.  This flowing meditation uses a mixture of light, medium and deep pressure and a variety of massage techniques (EarthSky massage therapists are Wisconsin Licensed)
60 minutes - $85, 90 minutes - $125

Deep Therapeutic Massage
Release pain and constricted muscles through deep therapeutic massage work. This focused therapy addresses problem areas with specific deep tissue techniques and application of hot compresses. (EarthSky massage therapists are Wisconsin Licensed)
60 minutes - $95, 90 minutes - $135

Earth/Sky Energy Spa
This experience includes dry brushing for lymph circulation, full hot-towel treatment with aromatherapy, Hot Stone Acupressure and hands-on energy therapy treatment (see Energy Therapy above).  
90 minute sessions- $145

Earth/Sky Massage Spa
This spa includes dry brushing for lymph circulation, full hot-towel treatment with aromatherapy, Hot Stone and deep therapeutic massage treatment.
90 minute sessions- $145

Hot Stone Massage
Relax into deep radiating warmth. Massage is done with warm stones to increase circulation and support grounding.  90 minutes - $145

Enjoy vital healing energy from the earth. Your massage or energy therapy session can include the use of organic, pure essential oils. The use of oils derived from herbs, flowers and barks are healing and balancing to body and mind. Seasonal aromatherapy oil blends create an attunement to the energy of the season. Or, choose from Four Element body care oil blends – Arnica (for pain relief), Meditation, Relaxation or Love.

$15 for a custom oil blend to address your particular issues, body and mind; includes aromatherapy consultation and a take-home bottle. 


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Charlene Torchia
Charlene was a massage therapist for over two decades, her work later shifting to the practice of Energy Therapy. She has trained in many modalities, including Blueprint Energetics, Reiki, Qigong, Eden Energy Medicine, other hands-on energy healing approaches, Yoga Nidra and aromatherapy.

Charlene offers Energy Therapy sessions for deep relaxation, pain relief, body awareness and to release emotionally-held energy blocks in the body. Over the past decade she has developed 4Element Energy Therapy, a unique healing approach that incorporates acupressure and energy balancing.

The Journey Inn April Massage Therapist

April Jund, LMT - Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist.  April graduated from Globe University in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 2014.  She specializes in deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, while also offering relaxation, pre-natal, and sports massage, as well as hot stone therapy. April enjoys incorporating rejuvenating spa treatments. 

Massage & Energy Therapy sessions include the use of a pure, organic oil blend. Nourishing & healing oils are rich in Omega 3's, good for the skin and absorbed by the skin. EarthSky blend includes almond, grapeseed, sunflower, and avocado oils.

* Reserve ahead for you and another person to receive massage/energy services at the same time. Email us at or call 715-448-2424.

Add on time in the Japanese Soaking Tub before or after your massage/energy therapy session.