Journey Inn provides a comfortable, relaxed environment for you to delve into your retreat experience.  Join a group of others for a scheduled themed retreat, customize your own unique retreat for your group, or experience the depth of a guided or customized private retreat.


Group Scheduled Weekend Retreats

(see our calendar for scheduled group retreats or customize your own group retreat)

Couples Weekend Retreat – enjoy time with your partner by connecting in new ways.

Women’s Renewal and Women’s Comfort Retreats – deeply nourishing activities to balance your busy life.

Mindfulness Retreat – Experience various techniques to release stress and take you to an awareness of the present moment.

Using Nature’s Wisdom as a Guide for Self Care – nature points the way to our self-care through the change of seasons.  Find out how!

Enneagram Retreats - Discover your Enneagram personality type and explore its strengths and challenges in your relationships at home and at work. 


Private Retreats

Private Guided Retreats

for couples

Review & Renew

Couples Spa Retreat

for individuals

Life Direction Coaching

 Spa Retreat - create your own spa experience


Customized Retreats

create your own retreat: for individuals, couples or groups

We can help you design a retreat specifically to fit your needs. Whether your interests are yoga, personality, self-care, mindfulness, or restoration let us know and we'll work together to create a unique retreat.  See our Services Page for your retreat options.

The Journey Inn Retreats